Here is an overview of published articles, be sure to follow me on twitter and medium for a more correct state of current published work.

  • Amsterdam Medium Extinction Rebellion

    Amsterdam Medium Extinction Rebellion

    Keep an eye on our blog (both in ENG and NL) for the latest updates, you might even see some pieces under my name there. As of yet, I have a coordinating role. (volunteer)
  • Volkskrant Op-Ed

    Volkskrant Op-Ed

    Produced within two days in the run-up to a courtcase, we wrote this op-ed together with Merinde Verbeek and Jan Daalder to support the lawyer in his defence and to put our voice into the media narrative. My role was that of editor/advisor and coordinator. (volunteer) Geproduceerd in twee dagen tijdens de aanloop naar een rechtszaak, ik schreef dit stuk samen met Merinde Verbeek en Jan Daalder om de advocaat kracht bij te zetten in zijn zaak en om onze stem te laten horen in het media-narratief. Mijn rol was die van editor/adviseur en coördinator. (vrijwillig)
  • Paper on sharing economy

    Paper on sharing economy

    Used to be published in neue blog. Lead: All of your online likes, upvotes, reviews and ratings look like they belong to you, and considering the time invested in getting them, you would think they do. In reality, all of this online data and these interactions are stored on the end of the websites themselves. As soon as the rules change on their side, your data changes along with them and there’s not a lot that you can do about it. This problem is most persistent in sharing economy platforms, who claim to treat you as an important part of the platform even though you’re often a dispensable product to them. (school related)
  • Next Nature Network Articles

    Next Nature Network Articles

    These are five articles I wrote during my internship at Next Nature Network in Amsterdam. Please check these links for the profile page does not work correctly. (internship) https://nextnature.net/story/2018/return-of-trade https://nextnature.net/story/2018/the-future-blockchain
  • Extinction Rebellion

    Extinction Rebellion

    As an active team member of the media-team of both Amsterdam and National, I've contributed a fair bit to publishing texts and stories for this decentralised movement. (volunteer)