We’ve started a new tradition at MAMDT, namely that of creating a printed magazine every year. At the moment we’re working on transforming the print magazine into online articles. I’m currently busy editing the texts I’ve written for the print magazine into online texts. It’s great to have been able to interview many interesting people that are somehow involved with our academy and to turn their stories into entertaining content on behalf of the academy.

This academy was formerly only known as Communication & Multimedia Design (CMD), but in 2014 we’ve merged with the academy of Visual Communication (VISCOM) and started our own academy: Maastricht Academy of Media Design & Technology (MAMDT).

This fusion means that students of CMD can combine their knowledge of new media with the knowledge that students of VISCOM have of good design and autonomous art. With the fusion or merger comes a new vision, one of educating designers that create and work towards a new world. MAMDT educates designers that know that our world is changing and that can take a stance in this process.

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